Our Mission:

To inspire smiles, movement and no excuses by comforting people.


Wind, noise, cold weather enters the body through a defenseless body part. Your EARS have no muscles and can't shiver to help you maintain your body temperature of 98.6 degrees.

OTHER earmuffs squeeze your head. 
OTHER earmuffs mess up your hair.
OTHER earmuffs pop off.
OTHER earmuffs pinch your ears.

SunMuffs are the FIRST tension-free, shapable, attachable earmuffs to use the tension of your eyewear to stay on, NOT your head. 

Our earmuffs are the FIRST to do these three things: 

ATTACHES to any glasses with stretch, no-slip loops

SHAPABLE to any ear size 

PROTECTS with neoprene interior layer

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Ellen DeGeneres Wears SunMuffs


National Earmuff Day was coming up, so we thought Ellen DeGeneres might like to celebrate with us. We made her custom long haired cat SunMuffs, stuck 'em in the mailbox and off they went to California. Long journey from the East Coast, but very quick phone call! She wanted to meet Reagan, the inventor. Just a couple days later, we were on our way to Hollywood. Ellen wore her SunMuffs the entire segment, and told Reagan she liked them "a whole lot". We are grateful for this experience and the chance to bring a little more fun to Ellen's day.

ellentube, March 17, 2017 episode: