Meet the Family

The Family behind the MUFFS. As in SunMuffs®

We believe in FUN. And we have learned to appreciate the practical side of things while raising four young children. That's why when daughter, Reagan, invented a solution to the age-old EARMUFFS problems, we decided to help her make some for gifts. Ok, lets get real. Mom got out her glue gun, then graduated to safety goggles and a dremmel, followed by snaps, buttons and silicone and even taught herself how to sew. The sudden passion to help her daughter's vision truly function and BE BETTER than other earmuffs is now four years later.

SunMuffs are manufactured, patented, and trademarked.

We sell SMILES, first. And WARM EARS, second. We challenge you to try a pair on and watch what happens. 

Photo: No children were harmed in the making of this photo. Seriously, look at those smiles.  


Mom took her daughter's product to the 2018 Walmart Open Call in Bentonville, Arkansas and landed a deal with the world's largest retailer.